maria & george

Wedding reception on Pee Wees lawns with stunning ocean views over Fannie Bay. Guest tables adorned with glass vases and ceramic vessels topped with white blooms including dahlias, roses, fragrant stocks with eucalyptus and olive branch for a classic white wedding.

 photos: Territory Weddings | floral: Beija Flor | styling: Two Seasons Co. | location: Pee Wees at the Point

beija_flor_wedding_4880.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4910.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4952.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4934.jpg beija_flor_wedding_5017.jpg
beija_flor_wedding_4886.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4914.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4932.jpg beija_flor_wedding_4980.jpg beija_flor_wedding_5025.jpg