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Creating Your Very Own Festive Door Wreath

Creating Your Very Own Festive Door Wreath

What could be more Christmassy than a handmade, evergreen wreath on the door. We’ve put together some tips for making your own.

Wreath Materials wires, green moss, seasonal foliage and some pine cones, cinnamon and ribbons

You will need: 

  • wire frame, reel wire, gauge wire
  • spagham or green moss
  • seasonal foliages - pine, blue spruce, holly, berries
  • embellishments - pine cones, cinnamon, ribbons

To make the moss base, unravel the reel wire and attach to the wire frame with a twist. Dry spagham moss (the kind you can find at Bunnings will need to be reydrated first in a bucket of water). Take handfuls of the moss and wrap it onto the frame with the reel wire. Don’t scrimp on the moss as this is the key to a lush and full wreath.

Unravelling the wire attaching it to the frame and putting the dry the spagham moss into the frame

Cut seasonal foliages into small branches, and fan into lush clusters. Tuck the ends of the branches into the moss base and wrap on in bundles. You might choose to green the entire wreath or just a section as we have done here.

Lay out your decorations, groupings work well here and wire on with gauge wire. We tied bundles of cinnamon with ribbon.

Finishing the frame with some pine cones, cinnamon and ribbons for decorations

Use a further ribbon or over door hanger to suspend your wreath over the door. Water daily to keep fresh, or let it dry out naturally.

Hanging your festive wreath over the door

Enjoy the Christmassy fragrance!