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a day in the life of a beija flor florist

A Day in The Life of - Beija Flor Florist

We recently posted a job ad for a florist to join our small team. So what does a typical day look like at Beija Flor and what does a florist actually do all day?

Here's a list of just some of the things we do day-to-day and week-by-week (in no particular order):

a beija flor florist standing in front of a table with flowers on it

  1. Create a stunning display of fresh flowers from this week's carefully curated colour palette.
  2. Make beautiful wrapped flower gifts and vase arrangements.
  3. Check in with our stockists at Parap Fine Foods.
  4. Design weekly flower arrangements for Darwin shops, businesses and homes.
  5. Prep for the weekend weddings - tasks such as polish brass collection can be very time-consuming!
  6. Meet with potential brides and grooms and write them a stunning proposal with a visual mood board.
  7. Condition (rehydrate) new flower product, checking everything meets our exacting standards.
  8. Photograph floral designs we've made for our website and Instagram
  9. and deliver the day's orders in our refrigerated van - the prettiest delivery vehicle in Darwin.
  10. Wash and pack away the previous weekend's rental items - generally involves lots of melted wax.
  11. Source fresh flowers from our suppliers for events and retail while trying to keep everything on a budget.
  12. Write an engaging blog post, update the website with our latest work, and;
  13. Sweep up the leaves on the floor!

a beija flor florist standing in front of a table near the sink working on flower arrangement

No two days are ever the same, the product is ever-changing with the seasons and we have some wonderful clients we adore working with.

I'm sure there are plenty of things I've missed, most of which are the same for any small business. I will happily clean molten wax out of candleholders all day if it means putting off optimising the google keywords or reconciling the banking.

We usually have a lot of interest when we post a job ad and while at this stage, we're looking for an experienced florist at a later date and as our small biz grows, we'll be looking for amazing individuals with other skills. If you're not a florist but want to get involved, please check back later in the year. We occasionally hire casual sales, admin, delivery drivers and set up crew.

a beija flor florist cutting up flowers on a wooden table

If you're an experienced florist, you can find out more about working at Beija Flor and how to apply by checking the careers section. So if this is for you, we can't wait to hear from you.