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What to Give on Valentines Day in 2020 Beija Flor Darwin

What to Give on Valentines Day in 2020

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Friday. The Beija Flor Valentines collection is now online, so please don’t leave it to the last minute to get those red roses ordered. And while we’re on the subject of roses, let’s stop for a moment to see if that’s really the best option. Lots of us (me included) would love a fresh bouquet of seasonal delights. After all, all flowers are beautiful and you can leave it up to our florist to pick something gorgeous and unique this February 14th.

stunning beija flor bouquet of yellow and red flowers in a white wrap

Stunning orchids, Australian natives, and Victorian-grown garden roses in all shades are beautiful and long-lasting flowers that are growing in popularity this Valentine’s Day.

That being said, you can’t go past red roses to make a big impression. Who wouldn’t feel special if a bouquet of six dozen long-stemmed red roses landed on their office desk this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got the MONACO six dozen for those who want to make a bold statement!

beija flor florist holding a huge bouquet of red roses

Think about if they’ll have fun arranging their blooms in their vases or if a vase arrangement of fresh flowers would be a better choice. These are popular for sending to workplaces, offices, and hospitals.

beija flor vase arrangement filled with white and pink flowers

And if you really can’t decide... why choose between the two when you can send both.

The Buenos Aires gift wrap combines a dozen of the biggest and freshest long-stem red roses with a handpicked selection of seasonal flower delights.

florist holding a bouquet of colorful flowers in pinks, purlple, red and green

Early birds will benefit from our free delivery promo code VDAY2020, giving you free delivery on Valentine's gifts ordered before 10 February.

Happy Valentines Day!