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Bumble Bean Chocolates

Bumble Bean Chocolates

Bumble Beans Chocolate is our local chocolate factory here in Darwin. We feature their chocolate gift boxes in our store. We believe pairing flowers and chocolates makes the perfect gift.

All chocolate are made from Belgian chocolate and they also offer a vegan friendly range.

Bumble Beans Chocolates also offer workshops for beginners & experienced chocolate enthusiasts. A fun, educational and hand on experience learning the art of chocolate.

vase filled with flowers on top of a glass table with brumble bean chocolates a wooden box filled with lots of brumble bean chocolates shelves are filled with different brumble bean chocolates display case filled with brumble bean chocolates display case filled with brumble bean products
a box brumble bean chocolate in 25 diffirent designs a massive chocolate mixer at brumble bean display of brumble bean chocolates sitting on a table a close capture of brumble bean chocolate mixer a person mixing the chocolate at brumble bean