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Inspired by Nature: Fresh Billabong Colour Palette

Inspired by Nature: Fresh Billabong Colour Palette

In a recent interview with photographer Nichole Taylor, I describe how we choose a different colour palette for our gift wraps and vases offered in our online store each week. You can read more about this in the Nicholes vendor feature here. In this post, I go into more detail about the inspiration behind this week's floral selection and what goes into creating our gift wrap and vase designs.

Bunch of beautiful florals of lotus pods, proteas, orchids and greeneries

This means that our floral selection is constantly changing with the seasons. We don’t offer any fixed menu of arrangements and our only brief is to choose a selection we would love to have in our own home.

This week's floral selection is inspired by sunrise over the wet season billabong. It’s crisp and fresh, with a colour palette of limes, zesty yellows, and raspberry pinks.

Lake full of lotus floating with pink flowers glowing

In season now are lush green pineapple lilies and sedum, which reminds us of fresh broccoli. Later in the season, this will change to pink and then red and inspire a more muted colour palette. One of our studio favourites is the lotus pod. These are paired with zesty yellow dancing lady orchids, hot pink, Victorian-grown ‘popstar’ roses, gladioli, sweet williams and lisianthus with their fresh green tips.

Beija Flor Founder Maria Picking up a pink lotus flower

Our boxing day treats this year was a Kakadu Air scenic flight over the waterfalls and billabongs of Kakadu national park. Landing in Jabiru and taking the Yellow Waters Cruise over the billabong. We ate the seeds of the fresh lotus pods, which tasted like a cross between almonds and fresh peas. The stalks of the lotus flower are also edible. Think of crunchy celery sticks. The cross-section of the stalks has an interesting hollow pattern; the locals have long since used these as snorkels. We love how the stems have natural twists and bend in them. They genuinely have an otherworldly appearance.

Florist Organising Fresh Lotus Pods at the Crafting Table

Photo by: Nichole Taylor