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Beija Flor team - meet Larry Portrait

Meet The Team: Larry - Florist

Introducing Larry, one of our day-to-day florists.

She was born in North Queensland and lived there for 30 years while she worked in medical administration and management until she moved to Alice Springs - this is where she accidentally "fell in" to floristry, working for her friend's sister in her florist store. Larry worked and did her training in Alice Springs for 5 years, during this time she became a mother to her first-born son, Jude. Then adventured on to Tasmania for 10 months, where she had her second born, a daughter, Charlie. Soon after Larry and her family moved back to the Northern Territory and landed in Darwin, where she became part of the Beija Flor team.

Beija Flor team - meet Larry Portrait

Favourite Flower?

I love tulips, poppies, chincherinchees. I love flowers that keep changing after being cut - a tulip continues to grow longer and taller. Poppies start as furry orbs that explode into colour and chincherinchees keep popping more star-shaped magic even when you think they are done.

Beija Flor team - meet Larry

Fav Florist Task?

I love making bunches in a retail setting - I enjoy the variety of day to day. I also love doing the "fiddley stuff" like buttonholes for weddings.

Best Advice as a Creative?

Don't overthink it, your first instinct is often correct. Also, never assume you know it all, be collaborative, ask peer options and input. Many creative brains make magic happen!

Meet the team - Larry