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Schools Out: Treats for Teachers

It's almost the end of the year and we're all looking forward to the holidays. We've put together a little gift guide for those special people who look after our kids. We've all got so much stuff these days, so we'll steer clear of mugs and lotions.

Looking for the perfect gift for your kid's favourite teacher? Here are a few suggestions to show your gratitude…

a Beija Flor vase arrangement with flowers and a book on a shelf

These tiny phalaenopsis orchid plants are just so cute on the desk or coffee table, easy to care for and not too big to carry home at the end of the day.

a couple of white brumble chocolate boxes sitting on top of a table

A box of locally made chocs from Darwin's own Bumblebean Chocolate Factory. We've tried them. They are delicious!

a beija flor gift wrap of pink flowers sitting on top of a wooden table

A little bunch of fresh flowers, like these adorable frilled tulips, orchids or chincherinchee.

a Beija Flor message card a bookmark a purple flower and a pink ribbon on a table

With, of course, a heartfelt and genuine handwritten note card.

All are available from the Coconut Grove studio or pop into Parap Fine Foods.

Happy Holidays!