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The Bachelorette finale

The Bachelorette Finale

Did you watch this weeks Bachelorette finale on Channel Ten?

Filmed in our ‘majestic and beautiful Northern Territory’ the show had some incredible shots of our stunning North Australian landscapes.

The Bachelorette finale the scene where Beau kissed Bec with a roses and fresh florals in the background

The Beija Flor team got together on Thursday night with cheese and champagne to watch the finale of The Bachelorette, along with the Two Seasons and White Rabbit ladies, who also supplier furniture and props for The Bachelorette set.

We were approached back in August by The Bachelorette team to decorate the finale film set. We headed out to Corroboree Billabong at 4.30am with two refrigerated vans filled with masses of native blooms, pampas grass, king proteas, leucodendrens, in rich red shades. We had so much fun setting up on location with the Warner Bros set designers and camera crew.

The Bachelorette finale the scene where Beau is waking in the isle towards Bec

We didn’t meet the stars of the show as we headed back to town for our next set up…65 table centrepieces for the Master Builders awards on Sky City Darwin lawns (yes both on the same day!)

I have to admit I was a little nervous to see how our flowers turned out on screen, but we were all super proud of the result, definitely, one of the highlights of the Beija Flor calendar for the 2018 dry season.

The Bachelorette finale the scene where Beau gave Bec a big hug with red florals in the background

The Bachelorette showed off our stunning Territory natural attractions and we really hope third times a charm for Ali amongst our flowers.

In case you missed it, you can still catch the show on Ten Player.