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Celebrate UK Mother's Day with Authenticity: Choose Local for our British Mums

Celebrate UK Mother's Day with Authenticity: Choose Local for our British Mums

If you’re like me and have a mum in the UK, you might have missed that it’s less than a week till Mother's Day, which falls on Sunday 10 March this year. Now’s the perfect time to remind our Aussie expats and international friends about sending flowers across the seas to their mums. While many might consider going through big relay services like Interflora, we're here to share why choosing a local florist like Beija Flor offers a more genuine experience..

The Real Deal: Why Local Blooms Best

When you order directly from a local florist, you’re able to see their unique menu and even deal directly with the person who’ll be making your order. Unlike the relay services, ordering locally ensures that what you see is what you get. Our photos are real, our blooms are fresh, and our arrangements are crafted with care and personal touch. By avoiding the middlemen, you're not only getting better value but also supporting local artisans and ensuring your gift is as lush and fabulous as you imagine.

The Perfumed Garden, Chapel Allerton, a local independent florist in the UK

Spring Blooms: UK's Seasonal Best

For those UK mums, spring offers an array of delightful choices. Daffodils, tulips and scented hyacinths are all in season, alongside the beloved chrysanthemums, roses, and ranunculus. By choosing a local UK florist, you can pick the freshest, most vibrant seasonal flowers that promise to make mum's day truly special.

Hand tied bouquet of British spring flowers at The Perfumed Garden, local Leeds florist.

Handpicked Care: The Local Touch

Local florists provide a bespoke service that goes beyond just flowers. Imagine your mum's delight at a handwritten note or a special local treat accompanying her blooms.

Avoiding the Middleman: Say No to Order Gatherers

In the floral industry, there's a hidden player you might not know about: order gatherers. These entities act as middlemen, portraying themselves as local florists online to intercept your orders and then pass them on, slicing a hefty commission off the top. Not only does this practice reduce the value of your order, but it can also lead to misrepresentations and disappointments. To ensure you're dealing with a genuine local florist, check they have a physical address and contact details, google maps is a great tool for this. Genuine florists are transparent about their location and eager to engage directly with you.

Supporting Communities: The Choice That Gives Back

When you opt for a local florist, your purchase supports family-owned businesses and keeps the local economy blooming. It's a choice that feels good and does good, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Mother's Day.

Local florist Carol at The Perfumed Garden in Leeds.


Beija Flor: Your Darwin Connection

For those in our Darwin and Palmerston delivery areas, choosing Beija Flor means you're assured of quality, freshness, and personal service. And if your loved one is outside our reach, we still advocate for that local touch—encouraging you to find a florist who can deliver the same level of care and beauty we stand for. This British Mother’s Day let's make a conscious choice to celebrate with authenticity. Say no to hefty commission and choose local, and fresh.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums out there, near and far! I’m now off to place my order at The Perfumed Garden in Chapel Allerton, Leeds in good time for Mother's Day.