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Beija Flor's January Seasonal Blooms

What Flowers are available in January?

Your Guide to January’s Floral Treasures in Darwin

We might be far from the flower markets here in the Top End but we can still get our hands on heaps of Australian-grown flower varieties. January brings a bounty of beautiful blooms, each with its own unique charm and care needs. As we unpack our daily flower arrivals, we're always excited to discover which varieties are at their peak, boasting larger flower heads, stronger stalks, and stunning colours. Here's a glimpse into the special flowers of January and some tips to keep them thriving.

Special January Flowers

Calla Lily (Zantedeschia): Showcasing stunning shades of mango and raspberry, these beauties also come in a unique dark aubergine black variety. Grown from a rhizome or tuber, they have a good vase life. If the stalks start to curl, give them a trim. 'Arum lily' is often used by florists to refer to the larger white blooms.

Hydrangea: Known for their big, showy blooms, hydrangeas can be a bit fickle. Revive wilting flowers by submerging the heads and stalks in room temperature water for an hour. Trimming the stems above a leaf node at an angle and slitting the stalk vertically helps them absorb more water.

close up of blue hydrangea macrophylla bunch by Beija Flor

A blue hydrangea macrophylla bunch

Curcuma: These local flowers of the turmeric root, also known as hidden or surprise ginger, have a short vase life. They pop up after the rains, displaying tall pink and mauve blooms.

Leucospernum (Pin Cushion) Protea: Featuring reds, yellows, oranges, and a two-tone orange-pink variety we affectionately call 'watermelon.'

beija flor vase arrangement with the signature orange pin cushion protea

A red, yellow, orange, and a two-tone orange-pink variety of Leucospernum (Pin Cushion) Protea

Eryngium (Sea Holly): Offers lovely clusters of small blue-grey thistles, adding a unique texture to arrangements.

Garden Style January Flowers

Pineapple Lilies: Available in lush greens, white with pink edges, or a dark burgundy. Their leafy tuft and tall flower spikes resemble a pineapple top. They have a long vase life and are perfect for tall vase arrangements.

Veronica: Pretty little flower tails in pinks, mauves and white.

Matricaria (Chamomile): Petite yellow and white daisies.

Dahlia: Vibrant shades of lemon, peach, and hot pink. Their hollow stems need plenty of water, and they don't fare well in heat.

a bouquet of gorgeous pink dahlias by Beija flor

A photo of vibrant peach, and hot pink Dahlia

Celosia Feather: Cerise and dark red with a fluffy texture.

Delphinium: Tall flower spikes in white, pink and mauves.

Scabiosa: Delicate soft blues and mauves make these pretty little blooms a favorite.

Hellebores: Petite, soft, and flowery, adding a gentle touch to any bouquet.

Native Flowers

Leptospermum (Flowering Ti-Tree): Features dark foliage with pink or white flowers, similar to Geraldton Waxflower.

Scholtzia: Tiny pink flower heads and woody stems, shake to gauge freshness.

Banksia Baxteri: Unique green banksias with spiky leaf pattern.

Kangaroo Paw: Currently in fabulous condition, in shades of burgundy, rust, and mustard. Be cautious, as it can be itchy!

Billy Buttons: Fresh, small yellow balls, perfect for adding a pop of color.

Architectural Flowers

Moluccella (Irish Bells): Their spikes of vibrant lime green with little bells add freshness to any arrangement.

Amaranthus: With draping tips in dark pinks and greens, they add interesting texture. Handle carefully, as they can be itchy.

Local NT Grown January Flowers

Psittacorum: Tall spikes in oranges and pinks, these tropical blooms are a standout.

Curcuma: Local beauties in shades of pink and mauve, adding a fresh pop to any arrangement.

Ginger Torch and Alpinia: Tall gingers in apricot, reds and fuschia pink shades.

bunches of red and pink Ginger Torch and Alpinia by Beija flor

A bunch of red and pink Ginger Torch and Alpinia

Heliconias: Plentiful big and bold blooms.

January Foliage

Fuschia Gum: Slender grey leaves with pointy gum nuts. Ideal for mass arrangements, especially viewed from below.

Flowering Eucalyptus: Vibrant orange flowers and gum nut buds offer a great alternative to blue gum.

Flowering Smokebush, Cotinus: Rich plum colour with fluffy tips.

Copper Beach: Another plum-coloured leaf, great for adding depth.

Magnolia: Glossy green foliage with rust-coloured backs.

English Box: The variegated yellow leaf is a favourite.

Viburnum Berries: Red and orange berries on woody stalks add a vibrant touch.

Jump into January Florals

January's unique floral palette offers endless possibilities for creating stunning arrangements. At Beija Flor, we're here to help you select the perfect blooms for your needs. Whether you're planning an event, seeking a special gift, or simply wanting to brighten your space, our friendly team is here to help. Connect with us today and let us bring your floral visions to life.