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Beija Flor November Seasonal Blooms

November Seasonal Blooms

November is a month of vibrant colours and lush blooms in the Australian floral landscape. Just like every month, the availability of flowers can vary depending on the region, market trends, and growing conditions. We've put together this guide to help you discover what flower varieties you can enjoy in November, whether you're planning a wedding, event, or simply looking to brighten up your space with fresh flowers.

Special November Flowers

Special flowers to enjoy right now, these flower types are not available all year round. Grab them while you can!

Leucospernum - Pin Cushion Protea. These colourful blooms come in reds, oranges and yellows. They are a sturdy flower with woody stems. Leucospernum are native to South Africa and look great with Australian native flowers.

Solomons Seal. These green stalks with draping berries are one of my favourites. I’d even have them en masse just on their own. They look best when viewed from below, so play with them tipping out of a tall vase on your hall table.

Verticordia Serrata. This is a lovely native variety, I find the soft pink gives a lovely Australiana feel to any floral design. Pair with Banksia Praemosa in yellow for a colour popping combination.

Eryngium - Sea Holly. There’s a lovely Australian grown sea holly available at the moment, with lots of tiny heads in a lovely shade of blue. I much prefer this to the chunkier imported eryngiums that are available all year round from importers.

Molucella - Irish Bells. Tall lime green stalks with green bells all the way up the stem. These flowers add freshness to any display. The stems are hollow and there are little spikes hiding under each set of bells!

Garden Style Flowers

As we’re enjoying the first rains of the season here in Darwin, it’s coming into summer in the Southern states. This means there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from.

Garden Roses. Roses are always in style and look stunning in November, we’re loving the cluster varieties from Victorian flower farm Grandiflora.

Peonies. We all love peonies! Our favourite at the moment is Coral Charm, with their vibrant colour which fades to cream as they open. We used these, together with andromeda in our watermelon vases for the Melbourne Cup luncheon held at Darwin Turf Club.

Beija Flor Darwin November Seasonal Blooms Peonies

Delphinium. Ideal for where ever you need something tall, vivid spikes of flowers in blue and purple tones.

Dahlias. Dahlias burst forth in a riot of colours, they are not the longest lasting blooms but we love them for the beautiful range of colours especially the sunset tones.

Lisianthus. Fluffy frilly lisianthus in peachy pinks and whites are our favourite.

Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are a lovely option for their fluffy, full blooms. They can be fickle and are prone to wilting, re-hydrate by submerging the heads in a bath of cool water.

Beija Flor Darwin November Seasonal Blooms Hydrangeas

Architectural November Flowers

For those seeking bold and unique elements in their floral arrangements, consider these architectural flowers:

Bullrushes. Tall sticks with brown cones, we think they look like dagwood dogs.

Textural November Flowers

To add interesting textures to your November bouquets, consider these unique choices:

Ninebark. A lovely burgundy leaf foliage with little pink flowers.

Viburnum. Lace Cap Delicate, lacy white blooms for a touch of charm.

Corokeia. Unique and twisting branches create an intriguing visual element.

Locally Grown November Flowers

We’re waiting for the rain to come and give our locally grown flower farmers a boost. Currently we are getting lost of big tropicals.

Gingers. Torch Ginger and Alpinia varieties are sure to make a statement with their striking shapes and vibrant colours.

Heliconia Rostrata. These vibrant lobster-claw like flowers hang from sturdy stems, they need a heavy base vase.

Beija Flor Darwin November Seasonal Blooms Red Torch Ginger

Native Flowers Available in November

Rice Flower. delicate and dainty, adds a sweet and airy addition to your native florals.

Berzelia. masses of small green balls on woody stems.

Banksia Praemosa. huge cone banksias in darkest burgundy or vibrant yellow. Often grow a different angles on the stalks making them fabulous to balance in vases.

Leucodendren Silver Cup. branching stems of silvery grey foliage with cone tops.

Foliage Available in November

Eucalyptus Blue Gum. With its great quality and fragrance, eucalyptus blue gum provides a fresh and aromatic element to your florals.

Magnolia Foliage with its glossy green leaves.

Whether you're planning a wedding, special event, or simply want to brighten up your surroundings, there are plenty of stunning flower options available in November. Keep in mind that availability may vary based on location. Enjoy the beauty of these seasonal blooms, and let them add a touch of nature's magic to your life.