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Maria's Personal Picks: Beija Flor's Charming Christmas Collection

Maria's Personal Picks: Beija Flor's Charming Christmas Collection

Hey there and Seasons Greetings. It’s Maria from Beija Flor! I’m so excited to share with you our handpicked Christmas Collection. Created by our wonderful British florist, Sarah who you met in our last article. Let's dive into what makes this season's collection a must-have for your celebrations.

Transform your home into a warm Christmas haven with Beija Flor's Advent Wreath featuring greenery

Traditional Advent Wreath: A Circle of Joy and Hope

First up, our Traditional Advent Wreath, a beautiful symbol of the season. Each candle on this wreath, lit on the four Sundays leading to Christmas, represents the growing anticipation for the season. Growing up, we always created our own advent wreath with greens and berries from the garden. I love how the evergreen branches symbolize life and renewal – it’s a timeless piece that brings a bit of tradition and a lot of heart to your home.

Beija Flor's Advent Wreath with stunning Christmas candle arrangement adorned with greenery and flowers

The Almonte Vase: A Story in Every Arrangement

Our Almonte Vase is something I’m particularly proud of. Tall and stunning, it’s perfect for making a statement on your hall table. Sarah selected conifers and spruce for that unmistakable Christmas fragrance. And, of course, we've added a touch of Aussie charm with Christmas bush and protea. It’s like bringing a piece of the Australian landscape into your home.

Experience the magic of Almonte's winter with Beija Flor's Almonte vase

Centrepieces with Character: Saltzburg and Cologne

Now, let’s talk about the stars of your Christmas dinner table – our Saltzburg and Cologne centrepieces. These pieces blend traditional festive elements with unique Australian flowers. They’re more than just decorations; they’re conversation starters, adding personality and warmth to your gatherings.

Beija Flor's Saltzburg vase filled with festive red flowers and foliage

Gift Boxes: A Crocodile in the Mix!

And for those corporate gifts, we’ve got something extra special – our Gift Boxes come in a range of options from Spring Seed Wines, Bumble Bean Chocs and candles alongside festive flowers. And, of course, no true Darwin Christmas hamper would be complete without our famous crocs, adding a bit of fun to your gift-giving. These boxes are not just thoughtful; they’re delightfully unexpected.

Beija Flor's Christmas Gift Box with Rose wine, flowers, chocolates, and a crocodile ornament

Last-Minute Christmas Magic

Rushed for time? No stress! You can order our Christmas gifts up until 1:00 PM on 23 December for delivery before Christmas. We understand life gets busy, so we’re here to ensure no one misses out on a bit of holiday cheer. While stocks last, of course...we recommend getting your order in early, especially for the cheeky crocs!

Beija Flor's Saltzburg vase filled with seasonal flowers and foliage in vibrant reds

From My Heart to Your Home

Each piece in our Christmas Collection is crafted with love and a personal touch. It’s about bringing joy, warmth, and a bit of Beija Flor magic into your celebrations. We’ve poured heart and soul into selecting each element, ensuring they not only look beautiful but surprise and delight.

Ready to Celebrate?

Excited to send these charming treasures to your friends, rellies or local customers? Visit Beija Flor's Christmas Collection and let’s make this Christmas extra special. From traditional wreaths to quirky gift boxes, we have something to light up every corner of your holiday season.

So, from my family to yours, let's make this Christmas one to remember. Merry Christmas! 🎄✨

Maria, Mary and Sarah Brija Flor team Christmas Season