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Meet the Team - Gabby

Meet the Team: Gabby - Florist

Meet Gabby Beija Flor Florist

Favourite Flower

Peonies, for the way they "pop" open from a tight ball shaped bud and have such an abundant of ruffled petals. Their rarity - difficulty growing and very short season - makes them all the more special.

Why do you love floristry?

My mum tells me I've always loved picking flowers in the garden. As a little girl, she'd send me out to collect flowers for the dinner table and when I was feeling upset, it'd always calm me down. I still feel the same way and I love the way flowers connect people in so many ways.

What's your favourite place in Darwin?

The beach. Dripstone Cliffs are my go to for long sunset walks.

Meet Gabby Beija Flor Florist Stylist