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What flowers are available in June?

What flowers are available in June?

June in Darwin has the lovely cool Dry Season breezes, making it a wonderful time for weddings and fresh flowers. With the first crops of our dry season varieties like sunflowers and rosellas along with a bounty of natives from down south, June offers a fantastic selection of blooms. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a special event, or just want to enjoy some beautiful flowers, here’s a guide to some of our favourite June blooms.

Special June Flowers

Special flowers to enjoy right now, these flower types are not available all year round. Grab them while you can!

King Protea: King Proteas are the biggest and most impressive of the protea family, available in stunning dusty pink and white. King Proteas are a firm favourite with our brides and they’re early this year, we don’t usually see them till around August when they are more abundant.

Beija Flor King Proteas at Darwin June Wedding
King Proteas at Darwin June Wedding
Eryngium: Also known as Sea Holly, this Australian-grown variety has delicate blue heads, offering a finer texture compared to the chunkier imported versions. They bring a unique spiky texture and cool colour palette to any arrangement.

Garden Style Flowers

Peonies: Imported peonies are still available in June, featuring varieties like the white ‘Duchess de Nemours’ and pale pink ‘Sarah Bernhardt’. Although the beloved Coral Charm has finished for now, these peonies add lush, romantic blooms to bridal bouquets.
Delphinium: With tall, vivid spikes of blue and purple flowers, delphiniums are perfect for adding height and drama to arrangements.
Lisianthus (Eustoma): These fluffy, frilly flowers come in shades of peachy pink, white, and mauve. They’re a versatile choice, perfect for adding a soft, romantic touch to any bouquet.
Champagne Lisianthus in the Chiller
Garden Roses: Garden roses from Victorian farms, like those from Grandiflora, are always in style. Their full, lush blooms and delicate fragrance make them a classic choice for June weddings.

Freesia: Subtly fragrant and one to watch open, these delicate blooms are a lovely choice for bridal bouquets.

Hyacinth: Known for their sweet scent and fairy bell-like blooms, hyacinths come in shades of lilac, purple, and pink. They’re perfect for adding a whimsical touch to arrangements.

Tulips: Colourful tulips, we like them on their own and en masse and we often use the peach frilly varieties alongside tropical blooms to add softness and depth.

Architectural November Flowers

For those seeking bold and unique elements in their floral arrangements, consider these architectural flowers:

Magnolia Bud Branch: These tall branches with flower buds bring a chic, architectural element to any arrangement.

Hakea Eucalyptus: This flowering eucalyptus is a favourite for its stunning, bobbly flowers and draping long gum leaves. Just be mindful of the pollen, which can rub off on clothing.
Beija Flor Hakea EucalyptusHakea Eucalyptus

Textural June Flowers

To add interesting textures to your June bouquets, consider these unique choices:

Erica: This green, textural native filler adds an interesting element to any display.

Kniphofia: Also known as Red Hot Pokers, these tall blooms in fiery reds and oranges bring a bold, dynamic touch to arrangements.
Beija Flor Kniphofia, leucodendrens and eucalyptusKniphofia, Leucodendrens and Eucalyptus
Thryptomene: The first of the season’s thryptomene, with its woody stems and masses of tiny blooms, is perfect for adding delicate details to your florals. These tiny blooms feature in our wildflower jewellery.
Rudbekia: The unique, petal-less variety of Rudbeckia offers a textural contrast with its spiky, cone-like heads. These flowers add an unexpected, autumnal element to bouquets and arrangements.

Locally Grown June Flowers

June brings the cooler weather here in Darwin, perfect for growing a range of blooms. We’ve currently got local sunflowers, zinnias, rosellas and celosia. In the tropical range, Ginger Alpinias are making a comeback alongside heliconias.

Rosella: With tall spikes of dark red fruits, rosellas are not only visually striking but also have culinary uses, such as in jams and teas.
Beija Flor Rosellas with Repens Proteas at a Darwin WeddingRosellas with Repens Proteas at a Darwin Wedding
Sunflowers: Local sunflowers in bronze and yellow varieties are in full bloom. They bring a cheerful, rustic vibe to any arrangement. See our Dry Season Collection for bouquets with local sunflowers.
Beija Flor Sunflowers in Vintage Tins for a rustic styled wedding Sunflowers in Vintage Tins for a rustic styled wedding
Ginger Alpinia: These tropical statement flowers in vibrant hot pink add a bold, exotic touch to floral arrangements.
Beija Flor Tropical floral arbour featuring Ginger AlpiniaTropical floral arbour featuring Ginger Alpinia

Native Flowers Available in June

Banksia Ashbii: These deep orange banksias with large heads look stunning with other native blooms and autumn shades.
Beija Flor Banksia AshbiiBanksia Ashbii
Leucodendren Silver Cup: These branching stems with silvery grey foliage and cone tops add a unique texture to arrangements.

Protea Brenda: This vibrant pink protea variety offers a stronger colour than the more commonly used ‘Pink Ice’.
Strawflowers (Xerochrysum bracteatum): Also known as Everlasting Daisies, these flowers are perfect for adding a pop of colour and long-lasting beauty to any bouquet.

Craspedia: Known as Billy Buttons, these round, yellow flowers add a fun, whimsical touch.
June native bridal bouquets with Strawflowers, Billy Buttons and Brenda Protea
June native bridal bouquets with Strawflowers, Billy Buttons and Brenda Protea
Kangaroo Paw: These unique Australian flowers add an exotic, textural element to arrangements.

Foliage Available in June

Eucalyptus Blue Gum: With its great quality and fragrance, eucalyptus blue gum provides a fresh and aromatic element to your florals.

Magnolia Foliage: The glossy green leaves of magnolia add a lush, sophisticated touch.

Rainbow Fern (Calochlaena dubia): Adds a unique, textural element with its lush green, arching fronds.
Beija Flor Brides bouquet featuring Rainbow Fern
Brides bouquet featuring Rainbow Fern
Umbrella Fern (Sticherus flabellatus): With its delicate, umbrella-shaped leaves, it adds a soft, airy texture to bouquets.

Nandina: Featuring autumn shades, nandina adds warm, rich tones to any arrangement.

All Year Round Flowers

Sweet William: Pretty vibrant pink and purple blooms, these are members of the Dianthus family and have the same knobbly knees.

Anthurium: These bold, glossy flowers are perfect for adding a tropical touch.

Cymbidium: With spikes of orchids now coming from New Zealand, they bring a touch of exotic beauty to your florals.

Lime Green Cymbidium Orchid
Whether you're planning a wedding, special event, or simply want to brighten up your surroundings, there are plenty of stunning flower options available in June. Keep in mind that availability may vary based on location. Enjoy the beauty of these seasonal blooms, and let them add a touch of nature's magic to your life.