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Mother's Day in the United Kingdom (UK)

Mother's Day in the United Kingdom (UK)

Sunday 31st March 2019

The UK celebrates Mother's day on the fourth Sunday in lent, which this year falls on Sunday 31st March. Australians and many other countries worldwide don’t celebrate Mother's Day until May.

Sending Flowers Interstate or Overseas?

Ahead of Mothering Sunday in the UK, it is an excellent time to write a blog about sending flowers to other countries, interstate or anywhere that falls outside the Beija Flor flower delivery area of Darwin and Palmerston.

Local Darwin florist, Maria Okwa of Beija Flor delivers flowers to Darwin city on Mothers Day, photo by: George F

Buy from A Local Flower Shop

Our number one tip is to order directly from a local florist at the delivery location. Nowadays, there really is no reason to use an online wire service such as Interflora. It’s just as easy to look up the local florist in the recipient's hometown and order with them directly.

This means:

  • You get to see exactly what kind of thing they do and can choose a florist whose style you like.
  • You’ll get better customer service. As local professional florists, we want to please both you, the person placing the order and the person receiving the flowers. We hope to become your preferred florist for years to come.
  • Local knowledge of the delivery location, we know the delivery protocols for local hospitals and businesses.
  • Going direct to the local flower shop takes out the guesswork. You can talk about what they have in stock, and if your first choice is not available, the florist can give you other options.
  • The full value of your spending goes to the local business, meaning you’ll get more flowers for your money. When you order from a national wire service, you pay a commission, which can be up to 30% of what you spend.

Value for Money Fresh Flowers

If you want more flowers for your money, find a florist in your recipient’s town and call them directly. But it’s harder than you think: some florists at the top of your Google search are national businesses masquerading as local ones, and they even buy local phone numbers. So make sure you look for a physical address in town.

Flowers delivered to a sailing boat at Cullen Bay marina by Darwin florist, Beija Flor, photo by: George F

Get to Know Your Local Florist

The personalised touches and attentive service a local florist provides will be well worth the extra dollars. Beautiful, long-lasting flowers take effort to care for, arrange and deliver on time. Knowing a quality local florist you can trust is a benefit you can enjoy all year round, not only for Mother's Day.